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British Country Sports


As I had always enjoyed trout fishing since my childhood, my fascination
with British fly-fishing had been growing bigger every year.
My interests didn't remain in just fishing but I gradually started looking into all the traditions,
culture, arts and other things appreciated in Britain and started feeling familier with these subjects.

Then, in 1997, I travelled to Bibury in the English Cotswolds, where I had been longing to visit for many years.
There I received the inspiration, which led me to set up my own brand.

There were extensive and fertile pastures and the residents could enjoy horse-riding,
polo and fishing as they pleased.
I could see people there valuing their heritage of traditional buildings,
culture and way of life.We have a similar attitude in Japan as well, however, I was reminded,
in the British countryside, what I had long forgotten in my daily routine in Tokyo.
My brand Bibury Court was later born in 2001, based on this strong emotion I felt back then.

The name of my brand comes from the manor house of the lord of the village.
My brand is inspired by country sports that could be enjoyed at the court in Bibury.
In addition, as I am a fisherman myself, a range of garments
with the theme of fishing is meant to be the brand icon.


At Bibury Court, our endeavour is to offer our customers not just the ordinary classics
but also ‘the new classics’. Producing country clothing
that could be worn stylishly in the town is another important point.
We outsource to tailor-made workshops and specialised patterners even for casual items,
in order to get rid of unsophisticated characters of typical country clothing
and as a result, we produce a wider range of smart items.
We recreate classic items while introducing the taste of modern colours and textiles at the same time.
Good examples to represent the characteristics of Bibury Court products are items
such as knitted fishing jackets and quilted jackets in high-tech materials
that you probably could not find in the past although you may have wished for one.
Our products are a combination of practicality and stylishness.

Because of acceleration in mass production and mass consumption,
there are only a few traditionally skilled tailors and material manufacturers left in Japan these days.
By collaborating with these rare well-trained craftsmen,
we are able to achieve products without having to compromise Bibury Court's detailed principles,
which cannot be realised in mass production.

Timeless style and quality form the basics of men’s fashion and it simply cannot be neglected.
This is the underlying philosophy for our clothes making at Bibury Court.

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